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Gift a local dining experience.

Because your loved ones don't need another sweater. 

Laughter is brightest in the place where the food is.
— Irish Proverb

How it Works


Memory Making Gifts

We all want to be able to gift our loved ones and colleagues something they'll truly enjoy. Now you can, a DineUp Network Gift Card that they can use around town to experience new restaurants.

Browse the Restaurants

Search through our Chicagoland Restaurant Network and find one that may catch their eye... don't know what they like? No worries. They ultimately get to choose the Chicago restaurant they visit. 

Gift Them an Experience

They'll receive their DineUp Network restaurant gift card in 5-7 business days in the mail in a custom envelope.


Gift the Newest Chicago Restaurants

Gift Local. Gift Variety. Gift Experiences.


Gift Better.


Your mom doesn't need another sweater.

And your clients don't need another box of over-priced chocolates. Your employee's don't need money that ends up being spent on cleaning supplies. In today's digital world we are somehow more disconnected than ever before and what we're all craving is more time, more time for genuine, intimate, and personal experiences. With DineUp you can gift the opportunity to receive all of those and simultaneously show your own appreciation. 

Gift them a reason to get out.

And enjoy a night out. When you gift a Dineup gift card you're giving an opportunity to explore fine dining and create memories. Gift giving can be a challenge because you don’t always know that person’s specific preferences. How do you know what people will really want and use? If a gift doesn’t work for them, it can have the opposite effect (they have to return a sweater to a store or give it to someone else who likes frozen steaks). On the other hand, giving people money on a prepaid card can feel haphazard. 

Gift them an experience.

What gift works for anyone, what does everyone enjoy doing? One of the greatest human traditions (and necessities!) is to eat and share food together. In the U.S. food is in abundance - what is not is, food experiences.  When you give someone a fine dining food experience, it’s something special and unique that they likely would not give themselves.



Holidays. Birthdays.

We've got you covered.


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